WCQ084 Richard Knight Jr. and Creagh of Creaoke

Hosts: Amy Matheny, Peter Mavrik, and Richard Knight Jr.

Dish: Sandra wrap-up, Our first Windy City Gay Idol at Stargaze, some commentary on the NAACP awards (a strange standing ovation) and dealing with the word faggot. Including that horrible c o u l t e r woman. *shudder*

Richard Knight Jr. of also joins us to tell us about movies in the theater and out on DVD.

Guests: Creagh of Creaoke in Chicago chats backstage at Stargaze with Peter about the business of karaoke and his involvement in the Windy City Gay Idol this year.

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Jeff Sss: Hi Amy/Peter! To say I am overwhelmed is an understatement,I appreciate all those great thoughts about WCGI..I think Peter and Amy keep us all updated and kept together w/ informative news shows and famous/infamous people like I can't stand her as well-Anne Coulter..She makes my blood boil as much as the prez...Richard Knight at the movies..Great job on the reviews!.I really love the interview w/ Crae and taken back by what he says..By the way, I need to go back to A,B C and C's I missed ...So, I may need to compare data I have to your latest book-So, I make sure and get every song in...But kudos to Crae.we love u more than anything and I know Tim,Louis,Alma,Anna,Christie and many more including myself feel u rock our world of music w/ happiness and joy., I will come up w/ anotherbig thing..But, I still want to do the whole alphabet b/c I have an unbelievable idea in the end-just email Sophie....Also, maybe, all of us can do a marathon for our center-24 hrs kareokathon to raise money for aids,our community center and many more things like GBLT shelter,and even money to raise ..So, one day we can be married and it is equally abiding as as straight counterparts....I love Amy's cologne..It does turn on all the gay males........Hey Peter! I do love your cute pussy cats and the resemblancet to big girls-real cute/hilarious...Peter and Amy..I love u so much..I only wish we could all brainstorm w/ Crae and create something bigger that brings us attention to change all the negatives in our community and turn them into invigorating positive steps..So, our community and ppl will thrive every day. Each and everyone deserves it...Thanks alot,Jeff ps...I have some bigger ideas.If anybody wants to lend in their ideas in how we can change our community,please let me know..I am a- like the podcast says-at almost every idol event and I do craeokoe about 80%-100%.I am very approachable! Just to let everbody know,Amy and Peter have worked very hard to make the radio thing a much bigger thing w/ podcasting..Please show some respect,love and kindness to them..There would be no continous show or anything like it if it wasn't for Peter and Amy..I love you guys more than I would on anything including another man! As for Crae,please respect and love him too..He does this craeokoe to make sure we feel good and relaxed to destress us out..Thanks g-d for all three of u-Amy,Peter and Crae-I have tremendous love and praise for all of u.

Jeff Sss: Hey Peter and Amy! You are our saviours as well as Crae...I see bigger and hetter things down the pipe w/ WCGI,Craeokoe and the rest of the media in the GBLT community...Take care,jeff


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