WCQ241 Amy and Kelli Take on the DNC vs. RNC

Host: Amy Matheny and co-Host Kelli Simpkins

Amy and Kelli discuss the differences between the DNC and RNC -- Democratic and Republican National Conventions. What did they think of VP possibility Sarah Palin? Their dog is Crimpy?! Amy of course brings up Helen Mirren, like she ever needs a reason - BUT this time there is a huge controversy. AND Harry Potter in drag?

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Bi-the-Way: Welcome Cyn as she brings out the B in the big gay alphabet in the new segment on the Queercast.

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Amy (the other one!): The Web site looks great! :)

Mariposa: Loved Cyn's segment - can't wait to hear more about what she will or won't commit to! ;)

Pudge: I agree. I am going to walk into the voting booth and will not be happy about voting. I know I "have" to vote but I "don't" want to. I have to also say that by Sarah's looks and sarcasm and personality I was "attracted" to her and that scares me...I think Kelli may have said something like this - that perhaps some women who liked Hillary may be entralled to lean towards Sarah. Some. Not all. But some. Obama is too "aloof" for me but ya gotta vote for him, right?

james: Obama "aloof"? "aloof"? just how is he "aloof"? and what exactly does that mean? does it mean that he was born into privilege? does it mean that he has so much money, after marrying a liquor distributor heiress, that he doesn't know how many houses he owns? does it mean he can't "have a beer with" the common man and woman? Does it mean that he didn't need student loans to go to college? Looks like someone has bought into what the Republicants want you to think. URRRFGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Yeah, hold your nose and vote for the 'aloof' candidate. Then send a note of apology once he's president and you've gotten a tax break, better access to healthcare, once your senior citizen parents and grandparents who make under $50K a year don't have to pay income taxes any longer and we all have a greater sense of security because america is not hated the world over [just to mention a few things]. (Inhale, exhale) OK, now i listened to what amy said about the conventions and i know she was a big supporter of senator clinton and i was not. looking back, i think it was more the people around hillary that i hated, and not the senator herself. yeah, bill acted rather badly during the primaries, didn't he? That being said, i kind of fell in love with hillary at the convention and especially after her speech. She pretty much said everything that needed to be said, not only to her supporters, but to all democrats and all americans. I didn't want obama to name her as his running mate, but then once i saw her whole speech, i thought, 'oh man, maybe he should reconsider.' But hopefully, once he is president, she will become the dem's [and all progressives'] leader in the senate and we'll finally get universal, single-payer healthcare because of her. the baton will be passed from sen. kennedy to her and i think possibly in another 20, 30 years, she will be regarded as a greater person and public servant than bill.

Jeff S: Hi Amy! I like the discussion..I liked Hillary as well...The republicans put lipstick on a pig..Sarah Palin is no Hillary. The dems still have it..We just got to show it to them in these debates starting w/ the first one in MS..We can win the battle and the election if we can tie the republicans to bad economics,8 years of George Bush,poor international relations,and bad stock market-future is in jeopardy w/ bailouts...The bad economic news should help Obama take the election..But, he has to hit John McCain hard especially when he says "we have a fiscally sound economy"..Millions of ppl are loosing their wishes,Jeff S.


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