WCQ283 20th Annual GLAAD Awards

Host: Amy Matheny with Alexandra Billings

Alex is back on the Queercast and brings her GLAAD stories with her. She recounts her moments on the red carpet with Liza Minnelli and Stockard Channing. Alex also shares her Oscar picks for this year. She has a few theories of why some people will win and some won't. They discuss the GLAAD categories and what Amy thinks is the gayest show on TV. Fun Queercast Fact: Amy won a GLAAD award back in the day on LesBiGay Radio! Who knew!? AND Alex and Amy have a debate about church and state in government.

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ChicagoMolly: re: Torchwood -- Amy, you've gotta see Torchwood! It's a spinoff from the new Doctor Who, created by Russell T Davies, who also made the original Queer As Folk for BBC. Lead character is Capt. Jack Harkness (gorgeous hunky bisexual action hero), played by John Barrowman (gorgeous hunky gay actor). The first 2 seasons are out in box sets -- Must See TV. Fantasy/SF set in Wales, Torchwood is a secret operation that fights alien incursions (their secret base is underneath the Millennium Centre in Cardiff!) and it's on late enough at night that they can get away with more action, shocks and sexiness than they can on Doctor Who. And the sexiness goes in many different directions! Captain Jack was introduced late in the first season of New Who when Christopher Eccleston was the Ninth Doctor, so you'd need to see that too to get the full effect. It's amazing to me that in Britain out gay men like John Barrowman and Russell Davies can put on a mainstream broadcast tv show with such diversely sexual characters and have it be a megahit all across the board. Here in the States the Network Suits are such a blob of timidity you wonder how Ugly Betty got past them. The idea of a Big Gay Action Hero would probably make them faint dead away.

Tom: Love listening to the show, especially when Alex is on. (Alexandria Buildings for President!!) However, Amy's views during the discussion about atheism really disturbed me. When Amy says she would never vote for an atheist for president, what I think she is really saying is, she would only vote for someone who believes the same thing she does. You know, like the people who voted for Prop 8, just because homosexuality just wasn't something they believed in. Also, why would someone assume that I, as an atheist, am inherently sad? I am positively joyful about the amazing phenomenon of life. I am curious and open to new scientific discoveries and theories about who we are and where we come from, rather than just accepting that "God made it" and that's the end of every inquiry and debate. I enjoy life more now, because I understand how short and precious it is, and I want to make every day matter. I choose not to spend (or waste) an entire lifetime simply getting ready for another life. I do good things for other people and future generations, because these are the right things to do in a social world, not because I'm brainwashed into a fear of eternal damnation, if I don't. And do you seriously believe that, if I live a life dedicated to acting morally, caring for others, volunteering for charities, and treating everyone with respect, that I will burn in hell, simply because I don't believe? To get back to the topic discussed on the show, why would a candidate's spiritual beliefs matter when selecting our country's leaders? In the end, who cares what people believe (or profess to believe). You should judge people by their actions, not what they say they believe in. Sadly, in the United States, if you run for president, you are required to profess your belief in God, whether or not it's true. I have to believe that many of our leaders are too intelligent to believe the things they say they do. I wish I really knew the people running our nation, rather than the spin they feel they need to put on their lives in order to get elected.

james: i entirely understand where amy was coming from when she spoke of her difficulty in trying to accept an atheist as president. i kind of feel the same way, and i'm not of the same religious or cultural background as amy. i am a catholic [well, i've been catholic; i'm always looking for something better] who has grown disenchanted and angry at the church i grew up with, and i also am uncomfortable with politicians invoking god [and also using religion to justify discrimination] so often, but when presented with someone who says they are atheist, i just, well, i don't know -- i just don't know their story, don't know their background and am unsure of their motivations. if that sounds incredibly uneducated and disheartening to the atheists out there, well, don't get all upset, try to convince us otherwise, just like some of us who do still carry religious beliefs have to try to convince our lefty friends that we are not the same as the "religious" haters out there. i don't think amy meant that atheists believe they are god [an odd idea since they don't believe in a god], as alex may have tried to suggest, but i think there is a feeling that if you have a belief in something higher than yourself, then it gives you a sort of humility and a sort of guiding moral principle. do i think atheists are immoral, or don't distinguish between good and bad? no, of course not. but maybe the rest of us, who really want to believe you're decent people, might feel better if we got to take a look at your moral compass. [yeah, i know there are loads of supposedly 'godly' people who've done evil throughout the 6,000 year history of the world. no need to remind us, you smarty pants atheists.] maybe that's another thing -- i can't recall ever meeting [or reading blog posts for that matter] a humble atheist. i'm sure there were plenty of people all throughout this country who may not be racists, but who had deep misgivings about a black man [and woman and their children] in the white house. did the obamas, knowing this, call such people stupid or uneducated? no, they educated them. when michelle obama took the stage at the democratic convention and said the first thing she thinks about in the morning and the last thing she thinks of at night are her daughters, and how she also talked about her family, which is no different, really, than any other american family, she assuaged the fears of those people. maybe this is the tact that atheists should take. i also understand how she said she'd have no problem voting for an atheists as alderman or mayor or county commissioner. but president -- well, there is the possibility that there will be a time when a president is alone with nothing but her or his own self, their own mind, and a button that could send the world into war. i have a feeling that at that time the christian-jewish-buddhist-bahai, etc. president would not necessarily ask god what to do, but reflect on all they've ever learned, all they've ever prayed for and prayed about and maybe somehow the worst thing wouldn't happen. i just don't know what the atheist would do, who she or he would look to, how they would reflect. is that so wrong to wonder about?


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