Amy Off-Air: It's a little gay, come on guys....

So is there a double standard between men and women? Always! Except usually it's women who get the short end of the stick. You only have to watch this election to watch that play out with Hillary day to day.

BUT with friendships between hetero men, they truly miss out -- most of them. Fear creeps in. Fear of intimacy, seeming gay, maybe they are gay and closeted so then the gulf between them and other men REALLY grows. However, a new revolution of "Bromance" is brewing - George and Brad, Lance and Matthew, it's between the covers...of the tabloids. Perhaps guys can love one another while not LOVING one another. "The close bond between guys" and wings and beer and sports that evokes outdoorsy, sweaty activity.... Watch the video on the phenomenon. It's news! Can you believe it?

How sweet. How profound. Come on! Give me a break. It's a little gay. It's a lot gay! And say it with me hetero guys, "That's okay!"

Before bromances, these intimate female relationships were one thing that we ladies always had on you guys. These sacred friendships with our women friends. Close, tactile, intimate, revealing. And not just lesbians. Straight and gay women from young to old (Golden Girls anyone? or is Sex & the City more your thing?) are more willing to open themselves up to one another. And may I say from personal experience, that from time to time some straight women have even been willing to cross sexual boundaries. I hear it all the time. It happened with me. How fun for us willing single lesbian gals to take up the gauntlet and shepherd our straight women friends through perhaps one of their only same sex experiences. So come on straight guys! Give it a go once in your life. You're already sweaty and doing a sporting activity together! I think Lance and Matthew could pounce any day now.By the by in that video is that Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) by the stone wall talking in a bromance?

Speaking of Potter's perfect pickled pecs, Daniel Radcliffe is coming to the US in the buff. That's right! (I bet he is the object of many a bromance ...or would it be "man crush" now that we know the distinction?) He will reprise his starring role in the hit production from the West End of EQUUS where he was naughty naughty and got naked naked playing a disturbed stable boy. Yummy. He even makes me have ungay thoughts in those pics with that white horse and that is just all shades of WRONG so I should just shut up now.

 He earned rave reviews, standing ovations and for sure Broadway will cling him to her bosom. This may have young girls (and boys) of all ages flocking to the theatre more than WICKED. So get your tickets. The show debuts Sept 5. Perfect trip to NYC for men having a bromance.


Stephen: Bromance and Gay Chicken (have you head about this or seen it on YouTube? We should talk about this) - - as Romanovsky and Phillips used to sing, "It's Getting Hard to Tell the Breeders from Queers!"

Richard: No matter what you call it, bromance, shromance, whatever, these photos are HOT! I feel like Oliver, "Please sir, can I have some more!" That's the old lech in me coming out I guess.


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