Amy Off-Air: You make me feel like a Natural Woman

So I have not written in a while. My life, my life, my life! Probably most of my friends are bored by my busy schedule. But with Gay Idol events, friends in town and gearing up for Pride - I have been off the hook! Di knows. Even she doesn't hear from me when I shove my schedule this full. I was weak and shaky by Saturday from the fatigue and lack of sleep. So, obviously, I am not in shape. And I am feeling like I want to start working it out guys and gals. I just have to get my body moving. I am tempted to order the "Dancing for the Stars" endorsed workout ballroom DVD's because at least it seems like a good gay workout - and I LOVE to dance... I just can't stay up that late anymore to be in the clubs when the vibe gets really going. And I don't get drunk really anymore to not care that at 10pm I am the only person on the dance floor. But I digress.....

Check out these WAY IN SHAPE and totally RAD guys finding a workout in their own fun way. If Levi's (who was just named one the gay friendliest companies this week) doesn't try to hire these guys for a commercial, there is something wrong with their marketing dept. Tip from me. Hire them!

And speaking of people in shape, after watching the college girls basketball championships this year and getting really excited by some of the players, I have decided to buy tickets this year to the WNBA Chicago Sky team. But I was shocked and amazed at an article in the Tribune last week. Well not really shocked - it was more like...."of course, the fuckers". It's like that scene in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. They have hired the girls to play baseball, and now they are putting them in short dresses, teaching them to drink tea, walk with a book on their heads and sit with their legs crossed. The WNBA had a "training session" recently, but it had nothing to do with scrimmages or basketball. Trainers were brought in about cosmetics and fashion. That's right sports fans! Not only do they have to play like athletes but the b-ball court must serve as a catwalk as well. Cause you know.... they have to get the endorsements and seduce men to their games.

I understand that they need to be profitable and they are trying to make the league a success, but can't they find better marketing plan to attract fans to the stands. Of course with golden girl Candace Parker (formerly of Chicago by way of Naperville) leading the way - she has the good looks and the awesome talents - they may have their perfect mascot. And Candace is great in that role of straddling the line of endorsements and her Mad skills on the court. But it is sad hearing women like Alexis Hornbuckle, who will be playing for Detroit, after an incredible athletic college career and who never wears makeup say, "Appearance is important. Whether you're an athlete or not. You've got to play the game. That's life." Guess she will slapping on a "game face" soon. So it looks like more and more of these gals will have to learn to play the game - and we know it is the straight man's game. We saw it happen with Chris over Martina...and Anna Kournikova just had to be hot in an MTV video but not win any of the big tennis matches to get her endorsements and the hard-ons of men the world over. So, now, that same double standard moves to the WNBA.

Don't get me wrong, personally, I LOVE to wear makeup, skirts, heels, the whole shebang! But that feels good to me and natural. I just feel for the gals that want to play ball and don't feel comfortable with Clinique eyeshadow, Manolo heels or Chanel suits. They have natural talent but, "Please don't show us your natural beauty."

Get your tickets though for the WNBA in your city or closest city. Now if they could just get those lady coaches a do-over/make-over. Is that a double standard? LOL


Kathleen: The WNBA needs to work on their marketing not on how the girls look. Even if they "pretty up" the girls to the standards they think is pretty, it won't help them bring fans to the games OR help them get converage on the nightly news channels. Girls have been busting their butts for years in sports and NEVER, or hardly ever, does the nightly news cover their games, their results, etc. I've always HATED that. I watch the news every night, I love sports but I also love GIRLS sports and why can't the coverage be equal? Recently, one of the female sports anchors on a major news channel in Chicago delivered the news about Danica Patrick winning her first Indy car race and she followed up the story with how beautiful she is, how she has posed in swimsuits and her dating status. COME ON! Did we hear how a NASCAR guy who won looked out of uniform or if he was single - NOPE! It drives me COMPLETELY INSANE! These women work hard and deserve to be recognized for their sports not for how they look on or off their field/court. Great you have me blogging...I'm too busy to blog.


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